We are Minds for Change

We believe that if we need to team up with the smartest minds we can change the world.

We believe that we can make it more attractive in the short term to take part in the creation of a new green, social, fair, inclusive future.

We believe that everybody has a unique talent and if we all live up to our purpose each of us can make a contribution to a better world.

We believe that there is not a lack of facts or technology and policy solutions but a lack of understanding and skills on how to change our minds.

We believe that the happy story of economic revitalisation, happiness, social justice, a good life and stewardship is as real as the apocalyptic narrative but far more inspiring.

We believe we have to understand our minds profoundly so we can move beyond our psychological barriers to make great changes in our lives.

We believe we cannot wait for a top-down approach. We are starting a bottom up movement by understanding our limitations and challenges to deal with this at the individual and small-group level.

We believe we need to support and inspire each other to make substantial changes in our lifestyles, ethics and identity.

We believe we need more curiosity, empathy and focus on finding common ground.

We believe we need to make global issues feel more near, human, personal, urgent and show how we can act upon it.

We believe we need more dialogue and we can reduce cultural and political polarisation on global issues.

We believe we need to create and communicate stories, frames and visualisation that foster action and hope rather than despair and denial.

We believe we need to design a world in which companies and governments make the green, social, fair and inclusive option the default choice.